21 August 2010 @ 12:13 am
Title: The Two Lords of Ithilien
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Haldir/Legolas, Glorfindel
Words: ~840
Warnings: Implied rape/thoughts of rape
Rating: R
Summary: Cursed by Mandos, Glorfindel must remain in Middle-earth as an invisible ghost, forever watching the object of his lust loved by a more worthy elf.
Disclaimer: Belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien.
Prompt: voyeurism via [info]kink_bingo {my card}
Author Notes: A sequel to "Interrogation."

Glorfindel loved Middle-earth too much to ever leave it, and the Valar cursed him for desiring to remain on the land long after he had died. He was invisible to all; none could hear or see him, or smell his hair - once an alluring scent among other elves - as he passed them.

But being an elf unfelt by the living world gave him a strange opportunity to be closer to the object of his deepest desire. So sinful was this lust of his that drove him to acts unbecoming of elves. And even cursed as a being cut off from the living world, Glorfindel was drawn once again to Ithilien, over and over again to find the once-prince, now an elf lord, who lived there.

Legolas was in his private gardens of his realm. A strange place it was, comprising of large trees and white and gold stone interwoven amongst them. On a bench Legolas sat in white robes far too simple and revealing for an elf of his status. He was admiring the flowers that blossomed around him, while in his hand he held a most beautiful white rose.

Another elf approached Legolas from behind, and smiling, Legolas closed his eyes in anticipation. Haldir strolled around his lover, and he wrapped his hand around Legolas’s own hand that held out the flower. Bending over, he kissed Legolas deeply. Legolas moaned softly and opened his eyes, batting his long lashes at his love. The two elves smiled at one another, unaware of the invisible eyes that watched them with envy.

Haldir brought the hand that held the rose to his lips, gingerly picking out one petal after another. Legolas’s eyes never left Haldir, and inside them desire grew with each soft petal touching the soft ground. He playfully bit Haldir’s lip when he plucked the final petal. He took the petal between his lips and slowly trailed it around Haldir’s cheeks, chin, brow, ears, down to his neck. Then he rested back and released the petal from his lips, and Haldir watched it as it tumbled down Legolas’s robes and settled onto his lap where a bulge was visible through the silky fabric.

Legolas said something to Haldir then, though what it was Glorfindel could only imagine. He watched, burning with jealousy, as Legolas unclad Haldir with the utmost care, kissing each inch of skin he exposed. Haldir took the petal and gently rubbed it up Legolas’s front, and when he reached the collar, he slipped the robe open. With one smooth movement the robe slipped off Legolas’s body and collapsed in a heap on the bench.

Legolas’s hair, already unbraided earlier, swayed gently around his shoulders. His eyes bore into Haldir’s with unspoken words of desire. He spread his knees apart, inviting Haldir to come closer.

As aroused as Glorfindel was by the couple’s actions, he had no means to pleasure himself. Another terrible curse from the Valar. He shifted around in his position among the trees, trying to feel some of the sweet pleasure that overtook him when he used to hold Legolas down beneath him. It was cruel to suffer as such despite his deeds in his past lives on Middle-earth. In anger he cried out, enraged that a common guard was now a lord of Ithilien while he, Lord Glorfindel slayer of the Balrog and elf lord of Imladris, was denied what was rightfully his.

But all he could do was watch them. With the anger, lust, envy all swimming inside him he watched the elves in their tender lovemaking, oblivious of the pain their love brought him. Haldir rested atop Legolas on the bench, their bodies rocking in harmony and their soft moans and chuckles filling the garden they had built together.

Glorfindel’s heart shrieked upon seeing the look of utmost bliss on Legolas’s face, his eyes closed and Haldir’s name slipping out of his soft pink lips with every thrust from his mate. Haldir buried his face in Legolas’s shoulder, and a kind of song seemed to be coming from them in their union. And when the two cried out their release, Glorfindel cried out in frustration, for there was no means for his own release.

Glorfindel rubbed himself again against the ground, wishing he was able to move his hands to pleasure himself. These same hands, had he had control over them, would cut off the silver hair of that lowly guard that Legolas so lovingly held in his arms. These same hands would be the ones roaming over Legolas’s body, even if it would elect shrieks of pain rather than moans of pleasure from the elf. If he could even get near him, could even touch him without going through him, he would prove to Legolas why he deserved his love.

For it is because of Legolas that Glorfindel loved Middle-earth too much to ever leave it. And because of his desire to bed this elf he was to suffer forever watching Legolas loved by a more worthy elf.
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