17 August 2010 @ 07:37 pm
Title: Labyrinth of His Dreams
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Haldir/Legolas
Words: ~1,220
Warnings: None.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Legolas gets an idea on how he could reunite with his fallen love only to end up being trapped in a painful and confusing world of memories.
Disclaimer: Belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien.
Prompt: sensation play via [info]kink_bingo {my card}

Legolas glanced around himself in trepidation. His idea had seemed perfect when he first conceived it, but now as he searched among the endless fog he wondered if he had been a fool for ever attempting this.

The thought had came to him when he had heard Aragorn describe how at peace the dead appeared, as though they were sleeping. Elves were known to never sleep in the same manner of Men, but the words still struck a cord inside Legolas because he was told that when his love died, his eyes were wide open as if in elven sleep. Ever since he had been hard at work finding some way to reach out for the deceased. He was certain the dreamscape world where only elves entered would be his portal to reuniting with his love.

But all that was around him was black and silver fog and a lonely empty feeling dwelling in his chest, and Legolas feared he was lost in this strange world between slumber and wakefulness. For try as he might, he could not return to his body, could not return to the waking world. He had travelled too far into the labyrinth of his dreams, hoping to step into a dimension where he could glimpse the land of the deceased, but no where could he now spot the world in which he belonged.

Just as when he was about to give up and grief his failure, he felt a strange numbness begin at his right temple that traveled down to his jaw. He touched his face and realized suddenly that a hand was caressing his cheek. He spun around eagerly but no one was there. Forlorn, he walked a few steps hoping the thing or person he scared off would return. And the feeling did come back, and this time Legolas stood still. The sensation discomforted him at first, for he felt his face was about to fall off, but slowly the pain morphed into the gentle caress that awoke memories of a happier time that he has missed for so long.


Something soft brushed against his lips, like small light feathers that Legolas couldn’t see. He leaned into the touch, and instantly the texture changed. For one moment it was soft tickling against his lips like butterfly’s kiss, and the next it was scorching hot, but before he could jump away the feeling changed again and again till he could almost feel a tongue lapping at his lower lip. He could just barely hear his name, so silent was the whisper before the words turned to an shower of ice that blew against Legolas’s awaiting mouth.

“Haldir? Is it you who I kiss at this moment?” A whoosh followed, wrapping around Legolas’s body. “Why can’t I see you, my love?”

And for a split second he could see Haldir though he was nothing like the elf Legolas had known in life. He had become nothing more than the silver fog that surrounded them and disappeared as quickly as he had come.

Legolas searched for any sign of his love but felt only emptiness around and inside him. “Please, I urge you to come back!” He held out his hand and frost grew over his fingers. A wind blew on them, a wind of many colors, and Legolas felt something flutter in his stomach as invisible feathers wove around his fingers. He looked closer and saw it was music that his hand was touching. He was seeing music. How, he could not understand and nor could he ever describe it.


Colors filled his vision. Legolas gave a reply, and from his mouth ribbons of every color of the spectrum spun out of his mouth. Panic arose and he yelled out Haldir’s name until at last he could hear himself, rather than see himself. But even when the words came as sound, the colors continued to spill from him, wrapping around them with soft slow caresses that made him feel like closing his eyes, to sleep like mortal men.

But suddenly the ribbons spun before him, and Legolas could make out Haldir’s form inside them. He called out his name, plunging his arms into the bands of liquid that sent chills through his body as though he had dived into an ocean. But he pushed himself forward till his hands met with something warm that did not turn icy cold or slip from his fingers.

The ribbons swallowed him completely, but Legolas was not aware of this for strong hands were now grabbing him and Legolas was looking into the deep soulful eyes of an elf his heart had grieved for many years.

“Haldir.” Little ribbons of silver and red spurt from his mouth and splashed on Haldir’s lips. He was still clad in the same warrior uniform he wore the night he died. Legolas fought to speak again, but Haldir stopped him with one gentle finger. He embraced him tight, and each touch sent a a new sensation through Legolas’s body that had nothing to do with the touch. Haldir kissed his brow and Legolas laughed; he next kissed his neck and Legolas cried.

On and on this went. The emotions were building rapidly inside Legolas till he felt he was going to explode. His mind throbbed. Suddenly Haldir met his lips, and every sensation that ever existed filled him. He was being smoldered and tickled, shaken and teased, whipped and caressed…his body was squeezed on all sides, and images arose visibly in his mind at a memory of how it felt to be inside his love.

Memories. Every touch, every sound, every spark of light held with it memories, but they were fusing together in ways which were not normal. The colors around them swirled out of control in a fast rhythmic beat that left Legolas suffocating. And the sounds, the shrieks, of the colors around him deafened him.

“How can color make my ears ring?” Legolas asked in confusion. But Haldir did not respond. He was disappearing; Legolas could no longer feel him, yet his presence was greater than ever. In his confusion Legolas called out Haldir’s name over and over, seeking to find him once more. But he was nowhere to be found and in his place were the chaos of every touch, every moment they shared now assaulting Legolas’s senses to maddening degrees.

And Legolas finally broke down, screaming for mercy. “Please stop this, Haldir! I do not wish for this any longer! I only ever wished to be with you once more! Please stop, my body cannot take this! I can take the memories no longer!”

Legolas collapsed to his knees, and in that moment the kaleidoscopic sounds and melodic colors vanished. His eyes were shut and his breathing heavy when he felt a hand upon his shoulder. He knew not whether he was still in the elven dreamscape or if he had managed to come back to the waking world at last. He trembled over the thought of what was next to come, if he would be truly united with Haldir, or he would be awaken in the cruel world where he was to be alone till the Sea’s calling overpowered his love of Middle-earth.

He took a deep breath and opened his eyes.
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